We are a 100% black owned, niche law firm that focuses on public law advisory, public law litigation, forensic investigations and commercial litigation. 

Our Value Proposition

Our aim is to provide solution-driven legal services to our clients, both organs of state and private business alike, in a manner that is efficient and cost-effective.

Constitutional Law

We have extensive experience of providing advisory and litigation services in constitutional and administrative law matters. We routinely advise a miscellany of State actors, private business and individuals on a number of issues of constitutional import. We currently act as the IEC’s attorneys in an application pending in the Constitutional Court in which the applicants seek an order declaring the closed party list system of proportional representation currently used for electing members of the National Assembly and provincial legislatures unconstitutional.

Regulatory, Compliance and Administrative Law

We have extensive experience in advising a number of public bodies ranging from Chapter 9 institutions(such as the IEC and the Auditor-General), national and provincial government departments, government business enterprises, regulatory bodies and other public bodies in matters of regulatory compliance, the interpretation of legislation (particularly regulatory legislation) and administrative law. 
This experience extends to a wide variety of fields: we offer advisory services relating to compliance with legislation with regards to regulated industries such as the healthcare, financial advisory, auditing, built environment, standards and compulsory specifications and other industries. 
We conduct litigation on behalf of clients in the High and Magistrates Courts, the Supreme Court of Appeal (“SCA”), the Constitutional Court, as well as in a number of specialist tribunals and courts of similar status to the High Court.
We routinely advise clients on such issues as the interpretation of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (“PAIA”), Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, 2000 (“PAJA”), Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, 2004, and others.

Electoral Law

We have an unparalleled understanding and unmatched experience of the legislative environment in which the IEC operates. We are both pleased and humbled have been involved in most of the major developments in that legislative environment since 2011. 
Since 2011, Moeti and Mashudu have provided integrated advisory, legislative drafting and litigation services for the IEC around and in between LGE 2011, NPE 2014 LGE 2016 and NPE 2019. 

Procurement Law

We have an extensive understanding of and practical experience in supply chain management law, and we offer this expertise to organ of state private business alike. We advise an innumerable number of government departments, Chapter 9 institutions municipalities and public entities regarding the public procurement prescripts contained in inter alia the PFMA and Treasury Regulations, the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act (“MFMA”) and the Municipal Supply Chain Regulations.


Litigation has historically been our forte, exploits in this field are too innumerable to mention.
We have represented clients in the Magistrate’s and High Courts, Electoral Court, Equality Courts, Labour Court, Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court, as well as in various specialist tribunals such as the Townships Board and the Gauteng Development Tribunal, professional conduct committees of the Health Professions Council (“HPCSA”), as well as appeal committees of the HPCSA and of the Council for the Built Environment (“CBE”).
We have represented the IEC in over 100 matters in the Electoral Court, the SCA and the Constitutional Court regarding a multiplicity of issues regarding the LGE 2011, NPE 2014, LGE 2016,, NPE 2019 and by-elections in between.

Municipal Law

We have dealt with municipal law in all its permutations, and had provided advisory and litigation services to all three metropolitan municipalities in Gauteng, some of their municipal entities and countless local and district municipalities regarding such diverse matters as municipal procurement, town planning, building control, by-law enforcement, labour relations, property rates and taxes, municipal debt recovery processes, environmental law, and the borrowing powers of municipalities, to name a few.

Forensic Investigations

We have proven expertise and experience in conducting forensic investigations and report-writing.
Most recently, we vetted proposed draft reports by SNG Grant Thornton regarding the consistency of their proposed legal conclusions with the facts and the appropriateness of the proposed legal conclusions in general.
Moeti has conducted high profile forensic investigations for the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (“CSIR”); National Health Laboratory Service (“NHLS”), South African Revenue Service (“SARS”), National Treasury, the National Department of Education and various municipalities.

Competition Law

Moeti holds a Certificate in Competition Law from the University of Pretoria. He has dealt with a number of competition law matters, especially in the regulatory space. Where he has advised such public institutions such as the Auditor-General Council for the Built Environment, the HPCSA and the Government Printing Works on competition law matters.

Legislative Drafting

We have extensive experience in providing policy and legislative drafting services to a range of state actors.
Most recently, we drafted the Electoral Laws Amendment Act 1 2019 and amendments to the underlying regulations introduce significant changes in the regulation of elections ahead of the 2019 national and provincial elections. Before that, he drafted the Local Government: Municipal Electoral Amendment Act, 1 of 2016, and the Municipal Electoral Amendment Regulations, 2016, ahead of the 2016 LGE.
Moeti has previously drafted policy documents and legislation for among others the Minister of Public Works, the Council for the Built Environment, the Municipal Demarcation Board, the Gauteng Provincial Treasury and the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Pension Law

We have a particular proficiency for advising on and conducting litigation in respect of pension law matters.
In this regard, we provide advisory and litigation services to the largest pension fund in the country, the Government Employees Pension Fund (“GEPF”) and its administrator, the Government Pensions Administration Agency, regarding a wide miscellany of issues ranging from the regulatory compliance, the interpretation of the legislation and rules, and the resolution of disputes with participating employers, members, pensioners and beneficiaries.
We also currently act on behalf of the Transnet Second Defined Benefit Fund and the Municipal Councillors Pension Fund.