About Us

History of Moeti Kanyane Attorneys

Moeti Kanyane firm was established in 2018 by its namesake, Mr. Moeti Kanyane, a leading Gauteng attorney and notary public with 17 years’ high-level experience, specialising in public law and commercial litigation.

From the firms inception we have prided ourselves in being a niche Black-owned law firm that focusses on public law advisory, policy and legislative drafting, public law litigation, forensic investigations and commercial litigation.

Moeti Kanyane, Founder

A graduate of the University of the North (Turfloop), Moeti cut his teeth in personal injury litigation and has practiced for 17 years at a leading Pretoria commercial law firm in various capacities since 2001. Admitted as an attorney and notary public in 2003, he went on to practice mainly in the fields of public law (advisory, legislative drafting and litigation) and commercial litigation. 

Moeti conducts a multi-disciplinary practice straddling commercial litigation and all aspects of public law (and most things in between) and has a particular interest in constitutional and administrative law.

Moeti is considered an industry expert in electoral law (having been lead attorney for the Electoral Commission in multiple cases involving the interpretation of electoral statutes) the area of regulatory compliance as it concerns regulated professions and regulated industries such as health care, the built environment, standards and compulsory specifications. In addition, public procurement is a particular area of strength for him and the focus of a lot of his time.

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